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In central Beşiktaş, in a small side street, far away from the bustling crowd, there is a place that can take you on a journey to creativity and inspiration, food and arts, ecology and innovation.

Its name is KafeNa and it is the very first and only café and arts place in Turkey made entirely from recycled materials!

In the kitchen of KafeNa

Looking somewhat shy from the outside, one might overlook its rich inside world. But once you step inside, and look around, you will immediately notice a very different vibe.

KafeNa is very cozy

Each wall has a story to tell and each piece of furniture has a long history before it reached this lovely, special place in Be?ikta?.

Bike, not buses!

Its owner Özgür, gave new and very charming life to an old and rustling shop that he found 2 years ago, and that he decided to turn it into something really special. With his own hands and with the help of a couple of friends, the entire place was completely restored and rebuilt. All the materials and objects used inside were found on the streets, given as a gift from friends, or created there on the spot.

Inspiring walls of KafeNa

The result is truly amazing.

The café has a relaxing friendly atmosphere where it is easy to feel at home. If you are hungry, you will be served home made vegetarian food for a very cheap price. If you don’t feel like eating, you can just enjoy your tea or coffee and take some inspiration from the interesting artifacts around you.

Home-made food

KafeNa is more than just a café though. They organize all kinds of art and educational activities – from language, music and dance lessons, to film screenings, yoga classes, computer programs and even theatre plays. It is in the basement where most of these activities take place, where a whole new world is to be found.

Small theatre

KafeNa does not go after profit. That’s why all the courses and meal prices are exceptionally economical. Its aim is to offer a creative space to innovative people and make them feel welcome regardless of who they are and where they come from.

In KafeNa everything is made from recycled materials

No matter what you are into, try to visit this unique place and have a good look around. Each object will tell you a story and its energy will inspire you with its originality.

Kafena is in ?air Nedim Cd, Nüzhetiye Karakolu Sokak No:3, Besiktas.


When Billur moved from her hometown of Izmir to Istanbul at an early age, she immediately fell in love with its charm and uniqueness. Over the years, she became part and parcel of Cihangir – a zone heavily inhabited with expats and intriguing locals, where today she is known as the real expert of the neighbourhood. Also known as an animal rescuer, Billur currently owns two cats and one dog, all three of them saved from tough conditions on the streets.

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