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Welcome to Istanbul Stay & Services, a full-service real-estate company based in Cihangir –  in the very heart of the European side of Istanbul! It is specialized in properties for rent and sale in Istanbul.

Istanbul Stay & Services was founded in 2010.  Initially focused on short-term rentals to provide accommodation for tourists, the company gradually expanded and started offering a variety of services to both expats and locals alike.

Today, after more than 5 years of experience, we successfully assist both foreigners and Turkish people in their search for a new home. Whether you are looking for a flat to rent, buy or have one to sell, we will accompany you throughout the entire process and help you make this experience satisfying.

It is not only our skills and expertise that are growing with time, but our crew is getting bigger and more international as well. Originally started by Turkish-born Billur and Dilek, the company was later joined by Patricia from France and Tanja from Croatia. Today, Istanbul Stay & Services consists of a vibrant and skilled team who can easily understand your needs in Turkish, English, French and Spanish.

Billur, Dilek, Patricia, Tanja and Toma

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