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Our Lovely Vicky’s Observations about her neighborhood “Cihangir”

“Why we decided to stay and live in Cihangir and Cukurcuma?

Once you move to Istanbul due to work or any other reasons and plan to stay here for a certain time of being, you have to decide where you want to live. Istanbul is large, however, most of the ex-pats stay mostly around Taksim, or Nisantası, Maslak, Maçka, Galata… Each neighborhood has its advantages and disadvantages, each has its own spirit and communities of locals. Based on recommendations of my colleagues I settled in Cukurcuma, south from Taksim, cities hot pot. I am not here with family, so look rather for nice social life than quite a neighborhood, but not an extremely touristic place. And I met ladies from Istanbul Stay and Services, and the story started.

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Ancient Fermented Drink “BOZA”

If you have walked around in Fatih Area and looking for a place to sit and rest, the best place that you can go to is Vefa Bozacısı in Unkapanı. It has been selling the iconic drink boza since 1876. Boza is a traditional fermented drink usually made from wheat, millet, or bulgur. The drink may haunt you, much like the call of the itinerant boza vendors who wander the streets of Istanbul during                                                                                    the winter months calling out a long, mournful “boohoo-zahhh.” Read More

Young & Lively Bomonti

Istanbul, the new generation of entrepreneurs have taken hold, with many young people building their own businesses. One of Istanbul’s trending neighborhoods for new generation and expats is Bomonti in Şişli. Bomonti’s newly built high rise apartments have influenced the opening of new restaurants and cafes, as well as offices.

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Foreigners in Istanbul – meet Sevil and her Hotel Momcierge

How would a daughter of a successful businessman in hotel industry, a mother of two and a well traveled “Cihangir girl”, as she calls herself, combine her extensive experience into a well-thought business idea? In Sevil’s case, she would set up Hotel Momcierge – a babysitting service for families traveling with kids.

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Best cafés to work from in Beyoğlu

In a district that is famous for its cozy coffee shops, an inspiring corner to work from isn’t difficult to find. Hardly anything can be as stimulating as a good cup of coffee in a comfy chair, and all the more so if you don’t need to go far to find it.

So when you find yourself in central Beyoglu, where to go with your laptop in search of some good work atmosphere?

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