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Ancient Fermented Drink “BOZA”

If you have walked around in Fatih Area and looking for a place to sit and rest, the best place that you can go to is Vefa Bozacısı in Unkapanı. It has been selling the iconic drink boza since 1876. Boza is a traditional fermented drink usually made from wheat, millet, or bulgur. The drink may haunt you, much like the call of the itinerant boza vendors who wander the streets of Istanbul during                                                                                    the winter months calling out a long, mournful “boohoo-zahhh.” Read More

Best cafés to work from in Beyoğlu

In a district that is famous for its cozy coffee shops, an inspiring corner to work from isn’t difficult to find. Hardly anything can be as stimulating as a good cup of coffee in a comfy chair, and all the more so if you don’t need to go far to find it.

So when you find yourself in central Beyoglu, where to go with your laptop in search of some good work atmosphere?

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Istanbuldere Alabalik Evi: a feast in the mountains

Istanbul is a city of concrete and packed buildings. Unless you are lucky to live somewhere by the seaside with a view breaking over the Bosphorus or the Marmara sea, chances are you will be looking into a concrete structure from your window. This is the Istanbul we live and that we got to love for all its charm and its shortcomings. Yet, all citizens of megacities like Istanbul inevitably crave green and quiet areas, to rest from the busy city life, its heavy traffic and often over crowded streets.

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