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Exhibition Recommendation – “Fashioning the Future” and “The Face is Everything”

If you find yourself wondering around ?i?hane with some extra time on your hands, a visit to the two current exhibitions hosted in this charming old part of Istanbul could instantly refresh your thoughts in an intriguing way. They are both very different in style and expression, yet equally inspiring in their own ways.

Walking down from Tünel towards ?i?hane, in one of the chic little streets that are steeped in history and modernity at the same time, a beautiful old building that has been recently restored into a charming hotel called Adahan might call your attention.


A street in Sishane with Adan hotel on right hand side

This elegant building from the 1870s was once home to a famous Jewish family that owned one of the largest banks in the Ottoman Empire. Its splendor shines today in its newly restored outfit that equally evokes the grandeur of the past and also reflects the inspiring trends of today.

Surprisingly enough, if you head towards the basement of the building, you will find yourself surrounded by exhibition artifacts. Somewhat uncommon for Istanbul, this unusual gallery is hosting these days a visually stimulating and at the same time a thought provoking exhibition.


Fashioning the Future

Entitled “Fashioning the Future” the exhibition displays sustainable fashion creations made by 20 young Turkish designers. With their unusual creations, these designers show us how new technologies create new materials, some of which are already being used in fashion.


Fashioning the Future

Their bold creations are not only interesting to look at, but they also show us a different approach to both production and consumption – a more conscious, and therefore a more sustainable approach.


Fashioning the Future


Fashioning the Future

Reminding us that each and one of us can and should have a significant impact on environmental changes, it tells us once again that our each move counts, and that we are all responsible for our surroundings. It is truly refreshing to see a captivating exhibition of this kind in Istanbul and let us hope that it is an invitation to a fruitful fall-winter art calendar in our city whose art scene has been asleep for a while.


Fashioning the Future

“Fashioning the Future” will run until 4 December.

A few steps away from Adahan, you can find ArtOn – one of the city’s most established galleries. This truly pleasant gallery mostly displays contemporary Turkish artists and they are quite active throughout the year. Their new exhibition features the famous Turkish artist Horasan with his exhibition entitled “The Face is Everything”.


Horasan, The Face is Everything

The exhibition includes a series of paintings with the focus on the human face. Through careful observation of the “faces” that we wear, the artist questions one of the world’s most intriguing puzzles – human emotion. Both fun and somewhat disturbing at the same time, the paintings displayed exhibit a sphere of life well known to all of us, and a sphere so powerful that it governs it all.


Horasan, The Face is Everything

It is obvious that what lies behind the paintings is a curious and courageous artists who is not afraid to look into the very core of things.

“The Face is everything” will run until 19 November.


Horasan, The Face is Everything

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