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We the residents of Cihangir, love our neighborhood for its colorful vibe, cozy corners and elegant architecture. But maybe more than anything, we love it for our neighbors who turn Cihangir into such an inspiring place.

Bradley, a New Yorker who made Cihangir his new home, gives a lovely perspective on what it feels like to be part of it. Having spent most of the last 15 years in Southeast Asia, he seems to be very comfortable here.

And it is not only because of Istanbul’s perfect geolocation from where so many destinations seem to be within hand’s reach – a factor of great importance for a filmmaker like himself. But it is people, he says, that make Istanbul for what it is. Nice and kind people you can trust.


Bradley Cox gained reputation with his highly acclaimed documentaryWho killed Chea Vichea”. Shot over the period of 5 years in Cambodia, it tries to offer answers to the questions about the assassination of Chea Vichea, a Cambodian union leader.


The very first movie to get banned in Cambodia secured Bradley a special place among documentary filmmakers and opened the doors to some of the most prestigious awards.

An ex New York restaurateur, who later turned into a self-taught filmmaker, Brad is now a settled Cihangir resident who mostly works on social and human rights projects.  Although a coverage of a violent crackdown on demonstrators by the Thai army in Bangkok 2010 got him severely wounded, he did not give up on his career as a documentary filmmaker, videographer and editor.


To get an idea about the work he does, we recommend you to see his short video portrait of a photographer in Bangkok’s Chinatown district here.

We couldn’t but ask such an expert to give us some movie recommendations.

Here is a list of some of the documentaries worth seeing, according to Bradley:

Searching for Sugar Man by Malik Bendjelloul

Man on Wire by James Marsh

Paradise Lost by Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky

Taxi to the Dark Side by Alex Gibney

The Thin Blue Line by Errol Morris

Manda Bala by Jason Kohn

We would like to add “Who killed Chea Vichea” to the list, of course.

Many thanks to Bradley Cox for his genuine and motivating insights. People like him really do add extra color to our exciting neighborhood.


When Billur moved from her hometown of Izmir to Istanbul at an early age, she immediately fell in love with its charm and uniqueness. Over the years, she became part and parcel of Cihangir – a zone heavily inhabited with expats and intriguing locals, where today she is known as the real expert of the neighbourhood. Also known as an animal rescuer, Billur currently owns two cats and one dog, all three of them saved from tough conditions on the streets.

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