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“Day, Light, Night” is the first exhibition in Turkey to focus exclusively on lighting. Playful and exciting, it gathers original works prepared specially for this exhibition that is currently on display in Istanbul Modern.

“Day, Light, Night” in Istanbul Modern

The exhibition adopts various exciting approaches to artificial light and lighting in general, questioning its strong effect on our bodies, lives and spaces we inhabit. At the same time, it reminds us of the unbeatable importance of natural light on every single aspect of our lives, and its benefits on our wellbeing.

“Day, Night, Light” in Istanbul Modern

Some installations and objects featured in the exhibition are inspired by the various reflections of the daylight on the city’s contours. The complexity of light reflects the complexity of the city itself, its architectural deformations as well as its adornments, its compound socio-cultural habitus, and its chaos.

“Day, Light, Night” in Istanbul Modern

The exhibition also questions the power of symbols, especially those related to the city, associating them strongly to Istanbul’s position and its uniqueness. Yet, more than anything, it poses the eternal questions of time and its ultimate consequence on our lives. Light and time go hand in hand, as both are ethereal and impalpable.

“Day, Light, Night” in Istanbul Modern

Naturally, some installations play with the element of mirror and human centuries-long obsession with it. The question of  this kind of self-observation becomes even more intriguing  in today’s times of selfie culture, and an increasing exposure of our lives through all kinds of available channels.

“Day, Light, Night” in Istanbul Modern

However, the main “character” in this exciting lighting story is Istanbul, its unique position in the word and its enchanting waters, that inevitably reflect the moon and the sun which bring everlasting inspiration to all of us.

“Day, Light, Night” in Istanbul Modern

Although not big in size, the exhibition is very colourful and fun. It will run until 22 January 2017.

This is only one of several interesting temporary exhibitions currently at display in Istanbul Modern.

Don’t forget that Thursdays are long and free in Istanbul Modern for the residents of Turkey.


When Billur moved from her hometown of Izmir to Istanbul at an early age, she immediately fell in love with its charm and uniqueness. Over the years, she became part and parcel of Cihangir – a zone heavily inhabited with expats and intriguing locals, where today she is known as the real expert of the neighbourhood. Also known as an animal rescuer, Billur currently owns two cats and one dog, all three of them saved from tough conditions on the streets.

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